Thanks to Awesome Volunteers for making WordCamp Nashville 2013 possible

WordCamp Nashville is a labor of love, or at least extreme fondness. Without a few dozen of volunteers, we could not have pulled it off.

Volunteers staffed the registration desk, handed out swag, videotaped presentations, designed the website, t-shirts and other cool stuff, answered questions, solicited sponsors, wrote blog posts, moderated rooms, answered questions, organized food, cleaned up, and generally took care of what needed to happen so the day would run smoothly.

The organizing team, like the presenters, are volunteers, too. Each year WordCamp Nashville gets bigger and better because volunteers donate their time, energy and creativity.

Without the help all the volunteers, WordCamp would not have been what it was so please take few minutes to check out their sites and find them on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks to Awesome Volunteers for making WordCamp Nashville 2013 possible

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  2. Bianca

    Loved WordCamp 2013. Way too short. Every instructor had so much good information to share I would have loved a full day with each one.
    Well done. Thank you for a great day.

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