WordCamp Nashville 2013 set for April 20

Save the date and spread the word: WordCamp Nashville 2013 is set for Saturday, April 20, at Nashville School of Law.

We want WordCamp Nashville 2013 to reflect the excitement, growth and diversity of the Middle Tennessee WordPress community.

This one-day event, organized by members of the Nashville WordPress MeetUp, will have something for everybody. This year we are having three “tracks”, with a big enough spread to cover all levels of uses; Newbie, Seasoned Vet, Power User, Developer or whatever level you like to call it.

You may attend any session, regardless of experience level, but we will break sessions into three general categories.

  1. Boot Camp: Learn to use WordPress.
  2. Specialization Training: Make WordPress work for you, Themes, Plugins, SEO & more.
  3. DevOps: PHP, Theming, Plugins & other tricks.

Tickets, at $20 per person, will go on sale in late February. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the loop about opportunities and ticket sales.

WordCamp is about community-building, and it takes a community to build a WordCamp. Submit an application to become a speaker or become a sponsor. Volunteers are the heart of WordCamp, and it’s not too early to sign up to help.

Nashville School of Law, 4013 Armory Oaks Drive, Nashville, TN, 37204, has awesome rooms, ample parking and easy access from both Interstates 65 and 24. Book it!

Stay informed about ticket sales, deadlines, session lineups and other great stuff.

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