WordCamp Nashville 2013 tickets on sale

Tickets are available. Right now.

Hop online and buy your WordCamp Nashville ticket – $20 for a day of learning, laughing, liveliness and lunch. Use the ticket form to select your lunch option (yes, we have vegetarian and vegan choices) and identify the track that fits the best.

WordCamp Nashville

Photo from WordCamp Nashville 2012 courtesy of Patricia Melton.

But please remember – WordCampers can attend any session, regardless of track. We need a general idea for planning purposes. The tracks:

1. Boot Camp: Learn to use WordPress
2. Specialization Training: Make WordPress work for you: Themes, Plugins, SEO & more
3. DevOps: PHP, Theming, Plugins & other tricks

We don’t like labels much, either, and we know attendees will range from “thinking about using WordPress” to “using WordPress but know I’m missing something” to awesome designers, developers and those who do both or what to start doing one.

Think of WordCamp Nashville 2013 as boot camp for all levels. At WordCamp, though, we encourage fraternization. You are not locked in to any track.

Buy WordCamp Nashville 2013 tickets. Now.